Please call us as soon as possible on +44 151 808 0409 if you miss a flight for any reason.

Non-urgent calls not travelling within 72 hours will be asked to complete the online Global Travel Help form as the line need to be kept as free as possible for those real emergencies.

Our Global Travel Help team will assist you with re-booking if the rules of your specific ticket allow us to. Please be advised that there may be airline fees, increased fare/taxes and STA fees to pay. No shows may also have an effect on remaining segments of your tickets, possibly resulting in a brand-new purchase being required.

Extending insurance

If you are planning on extending your trip, don’t forget to extend your insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is extended before you confirm your new flight(s) with us. We are unable to extend insurance on this line. Please contact your booking store directly for more information on extensions. If you booked online, please visit  to find your local sales phone number.

24/7 Insurance hotlines (STA Travel Insurance only)

If you have purchased insurance with us and you need medical assistance, need to make a claim etc. you will need to call Allianz* on one of their 24/7 numbers below. 

For bookings made in:

 - Australia please call +61 733 057 499

 - Austria please call +43 1525 03 245 

 - Germany please call +49 89 6 24 24 245 

 - New Zealand please call +64 800 400 132 

 - Singapore please call +65 6327 2210 

 - South Africa please call +27 87 195 0581 

 - Switzerland (French and German) please call +41 44 202 00 00

 - Thailand please call +66 2305 8525

 - UK please call +44 20 8666 9387  

 - *USA please call GBG on 1.905.669.4920