1. MultiFLEX Pass can only used against certain tickets. Speak to your Travel Expert to find out which ones are eligible.

2. MultiFLEX can only be purchased before departure.with the exception of bookings made within Australia which must be purchased at the same time as you make the flight booking.

3. . MultiFLEX can only be used once you’ve started your trip - if you need to make any changes pre-departure, ask your travel expert to guide you through options and change fees. Customers booking within Australia can make changes pre-departure as long as the MultiFLEX pass is added at time of booking the flight.

4. MultiFLEX covers all change fees, however if the new flight is more expensive than the original, you will still have to pay the difference in fare and any applicable taxes. All changes are subject to availability and ticket conditions. If you request a re-route to your ticket(s) or no show your flight(s) there may be additional change fees which are not covered by your pass.

5. MultiFLEX does not change the rules of your purchased ticket, e.g. maximum stay validity.

6. MultiFLEX will make it easier to change your date whenever possible but flights can always fill up, especially in peak season. Please change your date with far in advance as you can; the more notice you give, the more chance we have of getting you the seat you want.

*Please note that the MultiFLEX pass is not currently available to purchase in South Africa and Singapore.