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Madagascar Travel Advice

Madagascar Travel Advice - Added 5th December 2014 - Updated 28th June 2016 - Current 21st January 2020

President Rajoelina was inaugurated on 19 January 2019 following two rounds of elections. Whilst violence during the elections was low, political demonstrations and other protests may still occur. Due to the possibility of violence at these events, you should avoid all protests and demonstrations, including those taking place in the area around Independence Square and the Town Hall in Antananarivo.

The centre of Antananarivo remains unstable and potentially volatile. The Ankatso areas, the Avenue de L’ Independence, Ambohijatovo, Analakely, Bohorika, Isoraka, Ampasamandinika, 67ha, Isotry, Analakely as well as military barracks are potential flashpoints. Although foreigners have not been targeted, you should take care when travelling around the city and avoid any crowds or political gatherings. Don’t touch any suspect packages.


Travellers should avoid all crowds and political demonstrations and follow local advice in the south-east of the country.

In the southern triangle between Ihosy, Tuléar and Fort-Dauphin the security situation remains tense and the roads are in very poor condition. Avoid overnight stays in the countryside.

Seek local advice and guidance before visiting beaches. You should remain vigilant when visiting beaches to the South and North of Toliara as there have been attacks and robberies. Avoid visiting isolated and remote beaches, especially alone.

Travellers should avoid travelling at night on Route Nationale 13 (RN 13) between Ambovombe and Ihosy and on the RN 10 between Betioky and Andranovory (the western route to Toliara/Tuléar). There have been several attacks on vehicles. If you’re travelling to Fort Dauphin, you should travel by air if possible. If this isn’t possible, take great care on roads during the daytime; be vigilant at all times and following the instructions of local authorities.

Please follow the travel advice of your Government:




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STA Travel are monitoring this situation and updates will be added to this Travel Advice page.

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