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Indonesia Travel Advice - Day of Silence 17-18th March 2018

Indonesia Travel Advice - Added 31st January 2018 - Current 19th February 2018

From 06:00 am 17 March 2018 until 06:00 am 18 March 2018 (local time), Bali celebrates Nyepi; the Balinese Day of Silence.  It is a public holiday in Indonesia.

It will restrict activities/day trips/normal day-to-day routine throughout Indonesia. Airports will be closed and guests will need to stay in the hotel area and not participate in any activities, respecting the Indonesian culture during their Day of Silence.

Accommodation: Guests are not allowed to leave the hotel area. Hotel facilities including electricity are available. All facilities, restaurants and bars in 4-5-star hotels will be operating as usual. In 1-3 star resorts some service limitations may occur. Further information will be given at the front desk /concierge of the hotel. Please note that swimming in the ocean on this day is usually forbidden. There will be controls on the streets during the day and night. People who are seen on the street or on the beach will have to pay a fine.

Flights: The Ngurah Rai International and Domestic Airport is closed on Nyepi Day. The entire airport operation will be stopped; therefore, departures and arrivals are not possible during this period. Please re-confirm your flight with your airline directly. 

Transfers: For arrivals and departures on 16 March, there may be significant disturbances regarding airport transfers. Roads and entire villages may be partially or completely blocked. Guests need to be transferred earlier to the airport before the roads are blocked. Therefore, long waiting times at the airport may occur. This may affect guests staying at Ubud area and North Bali the most. Guests staying in the south of Bali are usually not affected.

Excursions: Day trips on 16 March may not be conducted or there may be limitations. There are no excursions and day trips on 17 March.

Please follow the travel advice of your Government:


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