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New Zealand: Fox Glacier: Water Supply

Added 8th February 2018 - Updated 18th February 2018 - Current 27th June 2018

On Saturday 3rd February the Westland District Council in New Zealand issued a Boil Water Notice for Fox Glacier in which it is advising that the town needs to boil their water before consumption (including all water used for drinking, brushing teeth and food preparation) from now until further notice as a result of a positive e.Coli result. 

How should you boil your water? 

Options for boiling water include: in an electric jug where possible, pots over a campfire or BBQ. Boiling water will automatically destroy an bacteria and viruses. However, if you boil your water in a pot, boiling for at least 2 minutes will achieve the same effect. 

Other methods for ensuring clean water is using bottle water where possible, or adding 2 drops of household bleach per litre of water; stiring well and letting it stand 30 minutes for drinking. 

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